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Yesterday we arrived back home from a Cruise around the Med - the weather was excellent and we even managed to sunbathe, now it's back to the real world.

The highlight of our holiday was a day in Tangiers - it was so different to anywhere else we have ever been. We have been to Morocco several times to other cities but none of them compared to the feast of sites and smells we experienced in Tangiers. We visited The Grotto of Hercules which was enormously high and spacious with weird and wonderful shapes in the rocks made by the Berbers cutting discs for their mill wheels. The legend is that Hercules slept in the cave before doing his 11th labour, which was to get golden apples from the Hesperides Garden. The Kasbah, too was interesting to say the least.

The sunsets - (I didn't make the sun rise) were spectacular and I can't wait to get to my studio.

Today I am taking part in a Christmas Fair at The Harrogate Ladies College, which I hope will be profitable.

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